Pixel Art NFT’s

#Join our adventure beyond and above and use some $Glaxiy tokens to create your own NFT collection!

Bend space-time and go on an intergalactic journey with us, collect as many planets as possible and create your own universe!

#Tokenomics & Distribution
Glaxiy is a non-fungible token (NFT) ecosystem that supports mining, auctions, and trading NFT’s. Users can sell, trade and mine NFT’s on the marketplace, using Glaxiy erc-20 token.

Total Supply

30.000 = 10.000 NFT + 20.000 ERC20
Initial Circulating Supply

Uniswap Listing Price

#NFT Minting
To mint NFT, users must have 100 Glaxiy tokens. …


A platform that enables you to trade planets, stars and moons in NFT form. Join us in our mission to tokenize them all and become part of the Glaxiy NFT craze!

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